Intermediate Championship 2015

Post date: Feb 13, 2015 8:43:18 PM

The 2015 Intermediate Championship Draw takes place on the 24th February



· 14 Teams ie: Team relegated from Senior, 12 Teams 2014 Championship and Junior A champions 2014.

· 14 Teams.2 groups x 7 teams. Open draw

· Sequence of group games as per Serva Sport Matrixes

· Top 4 teams in each group qualifies to Quarter-Finals.

· Position of teams in group level on points to be determined as per Rule 6.20 (5) (C) TO 2014

· Quarter-Finals to be cross played 1A V 4B etc. Extra-time in these games.

· Semi-Final draws to be open draw.

· Winner of final are Champions and compete in the Connacht Intermediate Championship


· Champions are promoted to Senior B for 2016. Losing finalists are promoted to Senior B also


· Teams 6 and 7 in each group cross play 6A V 7B, 6B V 7A, with the losers playing a relegation final and the loser being relegated to Junior A for 2016. Junior A champions 2014 cannot be relegated in 2015. In the event of Junior A champions 2014 qualifying for a relegation semi-final, the three other teams will be drawn in a three way playoff, A v B and the loser v C and the loser of that tie being relegated to Junior A