GAA Risk and Insurance Information Update

Post date: Aug 1, 2012 5:13:11 PM

From the July edition of the GAA Club Nuachtlitir.

Fundraising activities

Clubs are reminded that our clubs are involved in a variety of different activities. As part of efforts to keep members safe, we draw your attention to the following activities that are not covered by existing GAA Liability covers:

  • Any event excluding matches where the attendance exceeds 500 persons.

  • Major development works on club property to be undertaken on a direct labour basis.

  • Major development works on club property to be undertaken by a contractor.

  • Scrap metal collecting / storing of scrap metal on GAA property or property in the control of GAA units.

  • Mechanical Rides and/or Amusement Devices/Fairgrounds/Machinery/Circuses/Motorised Vehicles.

  • Bouncing Castles/Inflatables and/or Trampolines – THESE ARE PROHIBITED ON ANY GAA GROUNDS.

  • Motorised Sports/Racing/Aircraft or other Aerial Devices.

  • Showjumping, Horse Racing, Donkey Derbies or the use of Animals (other than domestic cats and dogs).

  • Bungee Jumping, Parachute Jumping, Abseiling or Rock Climbing or other dangerous activities.

  • Rock or Pop Concerts, Fireworks Displays.

  • Dances/Discos run on a commercial basis.

  • Gymnasia with GAA Club supplied equipment involving more than 10 pieces of health and fitness equipment.

  • Any activity on the public highways.

Player Injury Scheme

Only official fixtures or challenge matches are covered by the GAA Player Injury Scheme. Requests for permission for challenge games must be submitted as per requirements of your county board.

Once off themed blitzes and / or fun tournaments are not covered by the GAA Player Injury Scheme. Participants in such events take part at their own risk. Waivers are available from GAA Risk & Insurance Manager, Sinéad Quinn, Croke Park, Dublin 3.

Kelloggs GAA Cúl Camps and Summer Camps

Kelloggs GAA Cúl camps are the only camps covered by the GAA Liability Insurance and Player Injury scheme. Any other summer camps to be held on GAA grounds must be notified to your county board.

Safety Statements and event Planning

Clubs are reminded that they should have a safety statement in place and in the event of major fundraising activities, a safety plan will be required before extension of liability cover can be confirmed. Assistance in this regard can be obtained from GAA Risk and Insurance Manager, Sinéad Quinn or Willis Insurance Brokers.