AGM 2013 takes place on Wednesday Dec 11th

Post date: Dec 3, 2013 7:24:17 PM

The 2013 AGM of Cumann Iománaíocht Máigh Cuilinn will take place on December 11th next at 8pm in the new hall at the clubhouse. The Executive Committee was anxious that the AGM occur before Christmas as club registrations, team activity and training for officers and coaches all now begin early in the New Year and the new Executive needs time to prepare itself.

Both the Club Chairperson and the Club Secretary have indicated that they will not be going forward again, so there will be major changes to the Executive Committee. Those interested in going forward for the Executive Committee should review the links to the GAA Club Manual, which describes the structure of the Executive, the body charged with running the club and the roles of the various officers.

Club Committee Structure

Officer Roles on the Club Committee